Interior Vancouver Tadelakt Wall Finish

So after 3 months of collaboration with Francois Naudi of Mainland exteriors,a week ago today the largest Tadelakt project ever to be tendered  in Vancouver was secured …phase 1 will be a whopping  25,000 + square feet of  Tadelakt lime plaster .Watch this blog for video and photo updates of this exclusive residence receiving the wall finishing treatment of Tadelakt.

Now the real reason for this boring blog post…..We will be offering 3-5 positions of real hands on, on site Tadelakt training ,this will comprise finishing of actual  wall surfaces, you will learn the process of installing Tadelakt lime plaster,you will learn tricks of the trade in running a decorative plastering crew. Add to this, we will teach you the concepts behind the  estimating side of  the venetian plaster business,  you will complete a  portfolio of 8 finished Tadelakt samples to show your clients.

“This on-site Tadelakt class will encompass 3 1/2 days of intense job site training “

This on-site Tadelakt class will encompass 3 1/2 days of intense job site training, with the last half day being a discussion hosted by Aaron Cohen of Stucco Italiano inc. from Seattle, the focus of the discussion will be  on real-life installation  situations and color theory, helping you to progress  beyond the sample board and into the successful completion of the most challenging Tadelakt projects.

You will then be well on your way with your new business venture, installing Stucco Italiano Tadelakt lime plaster.

This Tadelakt application course is open to all levels of plastering skill including the DIY’ER… for more information please use my contact page for email, or leave a comment below to be contacted with details.