Hydraulic lime Trans Mineral

I had the pleasure of meeting Michel Couvreux from ST. Astier natural hydraulic limes and Trans Mineral USA today in downtown Vancouver. This guy is passionate about his NHL lime plaster products! We discussed the use of natural Hydraulic lime base coats and finishes being used here in beautiful British Columbia. There have been a few exteriors done with the product, mostly in the interior and mostly I believe on straw-bale homes, looks like he is working hard to make the Natural hydraulic lime exterior become more mainstream,and he has promised to help in any way he can to make an upcoming hydraulic lime exterior I have in the works, actually come to fruition.

¬†Hydraulic Lime ….its Natural

Natural Hydraulic lime exteriors are the way to go,they provide a far better exterior cladding than any portland cement possibly could. Here are just a few reasons.

  • Walls breath better and moisture can escapelime plaster exterior
  • Mortars and stuccos do not set too hard they remain flexable
  • Thermal movement can be accommodated without damage
  • Expansion joints can be somewhat avoided
  • Insulation is improved and cold bridging reduced
  • There is a reduced risk of condensation

The Hydraulic lime material has been seeing a revival over the past few years lets hope Michel’s work in the industry pays off !