Limestone Plaster is it Real ?

This is the first of a two part series, of two projects we completed recently……using hydraulic limestone plaster

One of my contractors was faced with the challenge of having a Limestone or Travertine lintel fabricated and installed.So like any good contractor does when he does not already have the resource in place,  he asks his best trades the ultimate question ” Do you know someone capable of doing this limestone header for me” he asks,as he is showing me the elevations. Not one to ever back away from a plastering challenge, I offered my further services and took on the job myself. Authentic Plaster FX was already fully involved in this extensive interior and exterior venetian plaster project…so why not add some more of our plastering expertise to the project ?

 Limestone Plaster


The question is …is it real? and if no,how did we do it? Well the ins and outs of how it is done I will keep to myself ,and some applicators may offer there insight into how it is done ….but I’ll leave em guessing I’m afraid in this case 😛

Here’s  2 shots of the start of the process,the rest stays under my hat!


So what makes this so important you may ask?…..

Well with this system we can create Limestone plaster details at a fraction of the cost of real limestone or travertine….in this particular case we saved the home owner approximately $8000.00 as compared to having a real limestone header fabricated ,on top of that we did it in a matter of days as compared to weeks for actual real stone,and we are able to get over any building imperfections because the process is done in-situ.
Here’s a sneek peek from part 2 next week