hydraulic lime powder , technique used for centuries in Morocco,a verb meaning to rub or caress,polished by hand with a stone “galet” Authentic Plaster Vancouver Tadelakt installer

Plaster EIFS Stucco Repair

If you need an estimate or simply have a stucco or plaster problem, or just simply a question, please fill out the form below.You may also attach images and or PDF files of your project for estimate.
  • If you are a contractor, or an insurance adjustor ...or you have a website you want me to look at
  • Approximate area to be repaired, How high off the ground is the repair ? how is the accessibility to the area to be repaired, all help in determining cost for the stucco repair. What area of the lower mainland is the stucco repair located.
  • You may attach up to 2 images from your phone or computer, this will help determine the stucco texture for the repair.