North American Interior Designer Discovers Tadelakt Lime

Up beat Vancouver  interior designers are always looking for cool plaster wall  finishes, Looks like San Francisco Bay area designer Kit Golson is very upbeat,checkout the use of  Tadelakt lime on her design blog Chic Provence .

More  pictures Kit ! the red and gold back splash is a stunning example of  Tadelakt Lime Plaster.

“I had never seen anything like it before, and rarely have since I had stumbled upon one of the oldest and most treasured plaster finishes in the world. The art of tadelakt is 4,000 years old, and comes from Morocco.

Tadelakt deceptively simple

The tadelakt process is deceptively simple. A natural powder paste is applied to the surface, then polished with a smooth stone. This is repeated seven times. Finally, the surface is sealed by rubbing with a black olive oil soap”

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