Marmorino Venetian Plaster

Marmorino  Venetian Plaster ,If  Authentic Plaster  & Stucco mentions this to an interior designer,architect or builder in Vancouver,  they all seem to  equate the term to old world wall finishes, I’m trying to change that. In fact I am trying to change the misnomer that Marmorino venetian plaster is only used for interior wall finishes….simply not true!

What is true mind you, is that there is no better suited texture medium then Lime based Marmorino Venetian Plaster for interior and exterior stucco finishing. Now I used the word “texture” but in the case I show you here, there is no texture….yet it is a Marmorino Venetian Plaster we used on this exterior.


Marmorino Venetian Plaster

Authentic Plaster FX used Marmorino Venetian Plaster in this example, to create a mix of contemporary west coast with West Coast Salish and Japanese influenced architecture .

Most onlookers think that this exterior stucco is  polished and acid stained concrete,when I inform them that in fact it is a hand troweled  marmorino Venetian Plaster…there eyes open wide! What further blows them away is the fact that this particular project is in fact an E.I.F.S  wall system….4 inches thick finished with Marmorino Venetian Plaster, using  STO’S Gold Guard rainscreen technology.

Architects, Designers….think outside the box !

Carlos Scarpa did…..bringing back the technique, and re-popularizing the use  of Marmorino venetian Plaster in the 1950’s namely with the Olivetti showroom and the Castelvecchio Museum in Verona Italy.

Now what does the reference to Scarpa have to do with my little marmorino venetian plaster project here in Vancouver? Well not much really but it proves that  thinking  outside the box you can come up with some really impressive designs which I feel is what happened with this architect/home owner driven designed exterior.

They asked Authentic Plaster FX for a smooth hand troweled plaster finish,and I gave it to them …the walls have so much depth ,which as usual does not depict properly in these photos…you have to touch and feel it to appreciate its elegance.