Intonachino Lime Plaster

intonachino-lime-plasterIntonachino is a gritty slaked lime stucco finish material, with which Authentic Plaster & Stucco can create distinct, living, interior and exterior atmospheres.

Intonachino is a highly breathable lime based plaster wall finish, with which we can provide rustic, old world, gritty, pitted, yet smooth to the touch,Interior and Exterior wall finishes. Intonachino stucco is a naturally mold and mildew resistant lime based material, with an excellent drying capacity.

Intonachino Plaster

Intonachino Authentic lime stucco wall finishes, are uniformly rough and provide subtle color movement and intensity, which are inherant to lime plasters, this combined with our authentic proprietary finishing techniques, has made Authentic Plaster & Stucco the leading interior and exterior lime plaster contractor of Intonachino lime based plaster finishes in Vancouver British Columbia.

Authentic plaster fx has completed several large interior and exterior lime plaster projects with Intonachino stucco, in the Vancouver area of British Columbia, in excess of 30,000 square feet.


Intonaco (intonachino ) is an  Italian  terminology for the final, very thin coating of plaster upon which a fresco is usually painted. The lime plaster is actually decorated whilst still moist, in order to permit the pigment or colorant to enter into the intonaco itself. The previous layer in the processis is called  arriccio (brown coat ), is usually installed marginally coarser to supply a key with the intonaco, and should be permitted to dry out, generally for quite a few days, prior to the final, extremely thin layer of finish which is hand-applied and then decorated on.
In the Italian language the expression intonaco is likewise utilised considerably more commonly for regular plaster as well as mortar wall-coatings when it comes to architectural structures.
Intonaco (Intonachino )is customarily a combination of fine sand (with granular proportions lower than a couple of mm) along with a binding material, lime putty,much the same as the product we apply today