Marmorino Lime Plaster

marmorino lime plaster venetian plasterMarmorino lime plaster provides a highly durable decorative, interior/exterior finish to almost any surface, including plaster, drywall, stucco, brown coat and concrete. This provides a wide range of decorative concepts, from a smooth contemporary look to an antique, ancient wall effect.Offering limitless design possibilities.

Due to its high breathing capacity and resistance to moisture, Marmorino ideal for wet locations.

Marmorino is the perfect finish on a number of levels. First of all, due to its composition, it is a material that lasts. Its ingredients are slaked lime as the binder, marble dust as the aggregate and linseed oil. So at the end of the hardening process, it is made up almost exclusively of calcium carbonate, which means that it is the same material as natural marble, with the same microstructure and performance, especially with regard to water permeability and moisture absorption. This is why marmorino exteriors will outlast any of its modern counterparts.

True marmorino only uses lime as its binder. There are modern alternatives which contain either Portland cement or gypsum, as well as acrylics and resins, but these just don’t have the same qualities as genuine marmorino. It’s important to remember that marmorino is a real stone surface. Many modern counterparts are simply faux effects.

We’re familiar with the geological process of how coal, when compressed, turns into diamonds, or when limestone is compressed, it becomes marble. Marmorino lime plaster is basically a way of taking limestone, compressing it with a trowel, and returning it to its original state – marble. Other modern materials just look similar, but don’t have the benefits of the real material
• Marmorino lime plaster  may be finished smooth and polished to a high sheen,unlike Intonachino which is used to produce a matte sheen

Marmorino  Lime Plaster

•  is used to create ancient distressed finishes.

•  is water resistant and excellent for kitchens bathrooms and exteriors.

•  may be applied over almost any type of substrate,interior or exterior.

•  will produce exceptionally vibrant colors when polished or sanded.


marmorino lime plaster