Tadelakt Lime Plaster


Tadelakt lime plaster finish is a Moroccan plastering technique, the special lime plaster is applied by hand and compressed and polished with stones called “galet” (a small smooth rounded stone) and treated with a olive “wax” or soap also known as “black soap” to acquire its final appearance.

The results are a very compact and shiny plaster surface.This hydraulic lime material is not only used for
interior walls but may also be used for exterior stucco plaster walls,showers,and kitchen back splashes to name a few.

Tadelakt is the traditional Moroccan wall finish, originating in the Marrakesh Region, is found in Hammams, the Moroccan steam baths, and in the riads of Marrakesh.

Rediscovered in the West, Tadelakt is appreciated for its durability and aesthetically pleasing exotic appearance.

The lime plaster finish known as Tadelakt is an addictive, shiny surface, which exudes a hard to resist fascination, creating an allure which few can escape, most people are compelled to touch the surface of Tadelakt, only through touching Tadelakt would you fully appreciate this unique lime plaster finish.