Vancouver Stucco & Plaster

Vancouver Stucco & Plaster,  Authentic Plaster & Stucco inc.

Our expertise includes but is not limited to interior or exterior ;


  • Venetian Plaster finishes
  • Italian Lime Plaster
  • Exterior  Stucco New builds and Repairs
  • Interior | Exterior Venetian Plaster Finishes
  • Italian Lime Based Venetian Plaster and Stucco’s
  • Heritage Lath  Plaster  Repair
  • Natural Hydraulic Lime Rendering
  • Lime Wash | Lime Painting
  • Rain screen Cavity Wall Systems
  • Lime Finished EIFS Systems
  • Tadelakt Interior or exterior
  • Specialty Plasters
  • Stucco Repair

If you need a quote or advice concerning an Interior or Exterior plaster or stucco project use our contact form